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!MG-COMPUTER totally redisposed!

From 31.05.2021 our internal servers are no longer accessible

and you will be redirected to an offline page.

Attention, our old phone lines will also be unavailable from this date.

At the moment you can only reach us via the contact form.



Our website will now be multilingual, so it will automatically switch to

the appropriate languages, English, or Spanish, depending on

the country language is automatically loaded according to the installed system language.


In the future we will focus only on network administration,

web administration and internet media.

You will find more information about our projects here in the future.

Our email addresses will remain and continue to work.


Your own data cloud?

Your data is safe and secure at your home and not in a «foreign country». You can move your data from iPhone, iPad, Android, personal computer to your data cloud and access it.

This certificate must be installed to connect to our internal web services (customer access/webmail).

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